The Peveril Exhibition Endowment Fund was established in 1886 to provide Exhibitions for boys and girls of the ancient parish of Radford in the City of Nottingham, attending or due to attend, places of secondary or further education.

In 1983, the Charity Commission widened the geographical application of the Fund and the total net income derived, at present approximately £6,000.00 per annum, is available for Awards (including continuing Awards) to persons who have not attained the age of 25 years and who, or whose parents, have been residents in the City of Nottingham for not less than one year. The Trustees will give preference to Applicants who are ordinarily resident within the City of Nottingham, not merely resident for a temporary or transitional period only. The Exhibitions will be tenable at any Secondary School, College of Education, University or other Institution of Further (including professional and technical) Education, approved by the Trustees of the Fund.

The Fund is administered by a Board of Trustees which comprises the Governing Body, for the time being, of the Nottingham High School, together with a representative of the City of Nottingham. Applications for Exhibitions can be made at any time on the appropriate form obtained from the Clerk to the Trustees. Subject to referees responding promptly, successful applicants will normally be notified within six weeks of the Application being received.

In considering applications, the Trustees will take into account the nature of the current or intended course of education in respect of which the application is made, the previous educational record of the applicant and his or her financial means. They shall be entitled to call for educational references and details of parental means, where they consider these to be relevant to the application.

An applicant must either have entered for, or have been awarded a place on, the course of education, before an application will be considered by the Trustees.

The number, value and period of the tenure of Exhibition awarded in any one year, is at the discretion of the Trustees and is subject to the availability of income for the year in question. The Trustees reserve the right to revoke an Exhibition if the successful applicant fails to take up or continue with the course of education, or if his or her performance on the course is, in the opinion of the organisers of the course, unsatisfactory. The Trustees also reserve the right to review any Award in the light of any change in the financial circumstances of a successful applicant and shall require an annual certificate of income from the successful applicant in respect of a continuing Award relating to the course exceeding one year in duration.

Further information concerning the Fund and its administration is available by e-mail from or by post from The Clerk to the Trustees, Peveril Exhibition Endowment Fund, 5 New Road, Burton Lazars, Melton Mowbray, Leics, LE14 2UU.